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《French Lessons》

Bonjour ! Hello everyone.

I have been teaching private French lessons on Skype for 4 years and living abroad for 18 (Paris and Southwestern France)

I love teaching and I hope I can help you improve your French skills. Everyone has their different goals, whether they’re starting out with no prior knowledge, want to improve their existing level, learning for travel purposes, for hobbies, or preparing for tests. That’s why I believe we should talk first so that I can build lessons that align with your goals. Since I am Japanese too, I can help explain subtle nuance differences and help you with pronunciation, and I make sure to give you all the attention you need during these one on one lessons. 
You are welcome to voice even the slightest question or doubt!

Continuation is key. Let’s have fun studying French together^^

I believe that making new discoveries and having fun during every lesson is what helps people stay consistent. 

You'll find that language learning gets more and more enjoyable as you see yourself progressing step by step (or even by half steps).

I hope that my lessons will help you make new discoveries in the language and make studying fun. 

Let's make progress together!

If, in addition to the language, you are also interested in learning about the French culture, lifestyle, way of thinking, current events, etc. you’re more than welcome to ask.

I’m looking forward to seeing you on Skype! 

《Japanese Lessons》

I have 2 years of experience teaching private Japanese lessons to beginner through advanced level students.

I will tailor the lessons to your goals. My lessons will help give you comprehensive overview of grammar, vocabulary,listening, and more. 

Learning to speak Japanese will open many doors for you. I would be very happy to do what I can to help!

Let's have fun studying Japanese together!


Hobbies: tennis, piano, oil painting, cooking, gardening

How I like to spend my time: having great wine with a delicious meal with my family, eating with my friends^^ 

-Completed Cours de Civilisation Française de la Sorbonne

-Worked for a big name telecommunications company in Paris

-Eiken Pre-1

-Study abroad experience: France (Paris), Canada (Calgary), America (Boston), England (London) 

Translation: 1/2016 - Cafetalk   

Japanese French

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