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I'm a lively Taiwanese! I graduated in Japanese studies from a university in Taiwan.
I was a Japanese translator and interpreter for about 4 years.
I can speak Japanese, English and Korean.
I became a Chinese (Taiwanese Mandarin) teacher because I wanted to introduce everything about Taiwan to foreigners. 

【Teaching experience】
Currently I'm a Japanese and Chinese teacher at cram schools and online sites.

【About my lessons】
I teach a variety of lessons.
I teach lessons which are customized to the individual needs and wishes of students.

★Fundamental Chinese(Taiwanese Cantonese)
 If you think about Taiwanese Mandarin textbooks, ones that pop into mind are the 當代 written Chinese course, and the 實用視聽華語 series. Both of them are well known but offer explanations only in English. Using these books to study might be rather hard. In Japan, there are many Chinese textbooks and they follow the pattern "conversation→grammar explanation→exercises" but Taiwanese Mandarin books are very rare. So, I've made some myself. Using the "conversation→grammar explanation→exercises" system you can now study Taiwanese Mandarin. They feature both bopomofo and pinyin so you can study using either one!

★Taiwanese Chinese (Taiwanese Mandarin) conversation
 These are lessons that can be customized individually! Why not have conversation about the things you want to have conversation about?

★C-pop Lessons
 You've gotten sick of studying using textbooks. You're in no mood to study using a coursebook. So why not study using your favourite songs? Have fun learning with your favourite songs!

★Free talk
 You've studied a lot but still can't speak well with a native, and why is that? It's because you're not used to their speed and use of words. You can become better by speaking a lot with a native speaker.

★Speaking in Chinese(Taiwanese Mandarin)around a particular theme
 For those of you who are not good at free talk, why not try using a theme? You can choose your favourite topic. Talk about your favorite thing as much as you like. I'll correct your pronunciation, so don't miss this chance to forge beautiful pronunciation!

【Lesson bookings】
For customized lessons: Lesson requests are accepted 12 hours before the lesson start time.
Normal lessons: Lesson requests are accepted 6 hours before the lesson start time.

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