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My name is Chussam and this is my 5th year teaching Korean in Korea.
First, I would like to thank people who are studying Korean with their hearts and their utmost efforts. It must be difficult learning Korean, right? Pronunciation and memorizing vocabulary are especially difficult, but I hope you won't give up and continue to enjoy learning Korean.

I believe there are various reasons for people to study Korean. There are people who study for leisure purposes, there are people who study because they like Korean culture (K-POP, drama, movies), there are people who need to use Korean at work, and there are people who study Korean as they want to travel to Korea. I'd match your needs and support you to achieve your goals.

Lesson style: Students will be able to study in a stress-free atmosphere rather than a stressful atmosphere. I'll prepare the materials based on the students' needs and give them support to maximize learning impact in a short time.
If you have suggestions regarding the lesson methods, please let me know. I started teaching Korean full-time from November 2016 until now.

I've taught roughly 200 students, from absolute beginners, daily conversation, phrases for travelling, grammar, TOPIK to business Korean.
About me: I graduated with a Chinese major and I spent 10 years studying and working in places using Chinese. I've lived abroad for a total of eight years, 5.5 years in Taiwan, two years in Shanghai, and one year in Tientsin. I take full responsibility to ensure that you understand the differences in Korean cultures and Korean language easily. I returned to Korea five years ago and after I got the Level-2 certificate as a Korean teacher, I started teaching Korean full-time.

I'm looking forward to meeting you.

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