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Nice to meet you♪ Thank you for visiting my profile.
My name is yurino and I’m an online piano teacher.

Music should be fun♪ 
Let’s spend some productive time making music together!!

ー Lessons for Children ー

What kind of sound does a piano make?
Have your child experience all the different sounds that the black and white keys bring to life.

Great for kids who are just starting out (^^)
Great for kids who want to get even better (^^)

I will guide your child, taking care to nurture their natural musical sense, so that they can play with ease in the future. I can incorporate solfège, music rules, and other various approaches as necessary. I can also help your child learn how to play a piece, for example a choral accompaniment, in a short amount of time. Please contact me to discuss the possibility.

ー Lessons for Adults ー

These lessons are great for people who:
-are trying piano for the first time
-haven’t played in a long time
-are involved in early childhood education
-are involved in musical activities with a choir or a band
Everybody has their own reasons for getting started, whether it’s the kind of music they like, or the kind of piano they want to play. Let’s discuss it all! I hope I can help you make your music life even richer!

I can give lessons on a wide variety of genres, including pop piano, classical piano, children’s songs, and even enka!

These are also my first online lessons!
Here are some reasons online piano lessons are great:

★ you take full advantage of your time because you don’t waste any of it traveling
★ unlike physical music schools, there’s no admission fee
★ you can take lessons at home and at your own pace
★ you don’t have to take the lessons on any specific day, so you have freedom in your lesson schedule
★ reasonable lesson rates
★ the possibility of trying out all sorts of different courses

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Yurino Tominaga graduated from the Music Education Department of Kunitachi College of Music. At the same time, she also completed a Korrepetitor course and a piano teacher training course. While attending school, she played accompaniment in several school concerts and Yomuiri’s Newcomer Concert. She also participated in the Young Praque International Music Festival. She then completed her postgraduate studies in the art department at Nihon University, receiving a PhD in Piano and performed in the completion concert.

From the time she was in college, she participated in many activities including opera, vocal music, instrumental music, and conducting, as well as playing as a live accompanist and teaching piano and choir. She has also worked as a music therapy and rhythmic helper. Currently, she is active as a background music pianist, wedding sound technician, and part time piano teacher at Shingakai (the Growing Bud Club, a cram school for young children). Blog: “Tomi’s Piano♪” http://yaplog.jp/estrela/ Regular broadcasts on niconico live broadcast channel


I try my best to give performances that help people naturally become one with the music♪ I love the focus on timing and space that is cultivated by piano and ensemble performances at restaurants and weddings, and sometimes I play covers by ear. I’m currently expanding my repertoire!

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Piano Lyric Writing / Composition / Theory / Music Production Music for kids

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