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If you have problems such as

"I would like to study Japanese, but I don't have enough time."

"I would like to use Japanese, but there are no Japanese people around me."

"I would like to learn Japanese, but there are no Japanese language schools near my place."

"I would like to go to Japan for studying Japanese, but I cannot do it."

"I would like to improve my Japanese skill, but I don't know how to do so."

Don't give up your goal!


                            My online lessons


                               Your hard work

     (Ex, doing HW, watching a drama, listening to a radio...)

          ↓            ↓  

Wherever you are, you can be the same situation as studying Japanese in Japan!

Like studying Japanese in Japan, let's speak Japanese fluently by taking my online lessons!


In college I studied to become a Japanese teacher.

After I graduated, I went to Australia to get my Graduate Diploma in Language Teaching. While I was there, I also practiced teaching at an Australian high school for 1 month.

After that I taught at a Japanese language school in Japan for 5 years, then one in Korea for 4 years.

I can teach from beginner to advanced level. I also have experience teaching JLPT and EJU. If you want to study something other than what I already offer, please let me know!

I like studying foreign languages and up until now I’ve studied English, Korean, and a bit of Chinese as well. I think this experience is also helpful to teach Japanese.

Let's study Japanese together!


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