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Sarie Nakajima

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Hello everyone! I’m Sarie.

I have been teaching Personal Training Pilates for 10 years.

Please call me "Sarie Sensei" or "Sally-chan"! 


I’ve worked at one of the biggest sports clubs in the industry for 6 years before going independent.

Thanks to so many people, I have a 90% repeat rate for personal training.

I've been in charge of group lessons with more than 50 participants every day, while also appearing on numerous video sites and media outlets, I’ve also appeared on fitness events, and spoken at corporate events.

Since 2016, I am currently the head of a personal pilates school in Urawa, Saitama.



Developer of Pelvic Force Pilates

NSCA-CPT (National Strength and Conditioning Association, USA), NSCA Certified Personal Trainer

PHI Pilates Mat I & II, PHI Pilates Props Instructor

First-class pelvic strength advisor

Pelvic strength osteopath

Lesmills™ BODYJAM™ Instructor


What is Pilates? Even if you're not familiar with Pilates, or even if you hate exerciseing, anyone from any age group, men or women, and even children are welcome in my lessons!

Let's learn about the body, exercise, and be happy together♡


Some of you might think “training” as a exercise that is hard, stoic, designed to build muscle, and that it’s only practiced by people who inherently love to exercise.

But in my lessons, I wont force you to excessively move your body until you are exhausted!


I'll teach you how to train so that you can feel your body changing for the good on not only the day of our lesson, but also the day after, and beyond a that. You'll feel better and better, and your body will change before you know it.


I continue on learning and updating my knowledge every month by following the most rescent research and teaching methods from professionals, doctors, and other practitioners.

I’ll continue on learning and refining my skills as an instructor for all of my students.


At Cafetalk, I very much look forward to helping my students all over the world to improve their bodies. I will always be beside you when you need me!

I‘m so excited to hear your joy, your smile, and watching many more of my students become more beautiful, cooler, and healthier!


Thank you!

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