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Anyong Haseyo! My mother is Korean and my father is Japanese. Although my nationality is Japan, I spent my childhood and my student days in Korea so my mother tongue is Korean. I love cosmetics and fashion so I worked in the apparel industry but about three and a half years ago, I became a private Korean instructor. When I hear students telling me "When I went on a trip to Korea, I had a great time talking with the taxi driver in Korean!", "People complimented my Korean when I gave directions in Korean!" or "I can understand Korean drama now.", it made me really happy as an instuctor. I also have a student who loves going to K-Pop idols' autograph sessions and speaking in Korean with their idol "Oppa (=older brother in Korean)"A student who takes my lesson once a week for three years praised me by saying, "I've never been able to continue taking Korean classes but your class is so fun so I look forward to it every week." (T-T)

When I became an instructor, I wasn't really sure how to teach. On top of that, since Korean is my mother tongue, there were times when I underestimated things and students stopped taking lessons from me. It was an extremely difficult time for me but as a way to meet the expectations of the students who take my lessons, I spent a tremendous effort on studying how to teach. As a result, I've got 35 students who I teach face-to-face at cafes, some of them have been studying with me for over a year and the longest one has been studying with me for three years.

My lessons are fun but what's more important is that they are easy to understand. I usually prepare the materials based on what the students want to learn and we also talk about topics such as K-Pop, Korean dramas, Koreacosmetics, travelling in Korea and I hope we can also discuss about relationships (On the contrary, my students have been teaching me many things recently…)

Let's try our best ٩( ᐛ )و


Test of Proficiency in Korean - High level

【About My Lesson】

♡Absolute Beginners♡ Students will learn how to write and read Korean and I'll use simple illustrations to show students how to practice patchim (the final consonant of a Korean syllable).
♡Beginners♡ Students will become familiar with the basic grammar. We'll have a conversation based on the grammar learned then. Students can choose the situations they want and they can learn phrases through the articles. We'll also learn Korean slang ♪
♡Intermediate・Advanced♡ Students will practice using grammar that is used in specific conversations, and practice native pronunciation and phrases in conversations. At this level, students should be able to converse in longer conversations and they should be able to speak at a daily conversation speed.
The topics of the conversation are based on the students' interests and their career. "What do I say in this situation?" or "I want to try using this phrase!", don't be shy and practice saying the things you want to say. ^ ^
If you wish to discuss the lesson content, please contact my by mail before requesting a lesson.
※No recording during the lesson.

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