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Here are some reasons why students like taking classes with me!
- "Pronunciation is very clear when he speaks!"
- "Puts a lot of effort into the conversation"
- "Kind and patient with me all the time"
- "Always smiling and makes me comfortable"
- "Listens to me so that he can make a perfect class for me"


Hello Everyone! こんにちわ!
My name is Kevin Cho. I am a TESOL certified teacher (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) and I want to help improve your English!

I love helping others and experiencing other cultures. Recently, I went to Japan for 3 months and hitchhiked the whole country to learn Japanese and met so many great people!


In my life, I have been an instructor for many subjects. 
- Viola Music Teacher
- Breakdance / Hip-Hop Dance Teacher
- Public Speaking Instructor
- Personal Business and Life Mentor
- (And of course) TESOL English Teacher

For all of these different subjects, both I and my students have won in many different competitions. Because of this, I am very confident in my ability to help others!^^



I love to chat with my students. I want to understand exactly what you need so that I can create the perfect English program menu for you!

Are you working on any of these things? I have a class for you!
- Speaking Ability
- Vocabulary
- Pronunciation
- Speed
- Reading
- Writing
- Public Speaking
- Confidence
- TOEIC? EIKEN? I can help with this too!

Let's chat and talk about the best way to help you reach your goal!
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