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① Let's study Japanese!

Hello everyone.

My name is Haruhi.

Let's study Japanese together.

Let's speak a lot in Japanese.
Let's listen to a lot of Japanese.

New lessons begin every month.
Let's find an interesting lesson you can enjoy!

②Intermediate and advanced students

※About me※
I have passed my Japanese teacher training examination(2014年)
I have graduated from a Japanese teaching school(2015年)

I have taught Japanese at university and at companies in Thailand.
I have taught Japanese at universitiy and at a Japanese language school in Cambodia.
I have taught to a wide variety of students, from beginners to those who have passed the JLPT level 1 and wish to elevate their Japanese to even higher levels.

*My teaching style*
With intermediate and advanced students, I use only Japanese.
We study Japanese in Japanese.
Let's not study textbook Japanese, let's study real, living Japanese!

③ For people whishing to acquire Thai

My self-introduction video

It would be sad if you studied Thai and travelled there, only to not be understood.

The basics are very important.
First of all, it's best to learn from a Thai language teacher.
If you repeatedly practice the structures and difficult-looking Thai characters, you will be able to learn to this language.

In my case, I started learning Thai in Japan from my twenties, and was eventually able to reach a level which allowed me to do interpretation at public institutions.
I also received a study credit from the highest level of Thai study from Chulalongkorn University in Bangkok. 
For those of you considering studying Thai in Thailand, feel free to conatct me for a consultation!

Regardless of your age, you can begin studying a foreign language at any time!
Let's study Thai together!

I also prepare lessons based on students' requests. Please contact me to enquire.

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