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I am a Korean housewife and this will be my 15th year since I came to Japan.

This is my 3rd year teaching Korean.

I haven't been teaching for very long, but I believe that we can't rely solely on textbooks. I teach vocabulary words and conversational phrases that don't appear in the textbooks that are on the market.

I like to focus on putting what you learned to use, so I can help you extend your knowledge of expressions and apply it. 

Since I have been living in Japan for many years, I recognize what is difficult for Japanese people to pronounce and will help you learn to speak in a way that Korean people will be able to understand. 

I will carefully explain whatever questions you have in Japanese. 

In this lesson, you will practice a lot of listening and a lot of speaking. Let's study together!

English Translation: 7/3/2014 - The Cafetalk Team 

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