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Picture Description Lesson

Hi Students,

My picture description lesson is a featured lesson for Cafetalk Day.

I thought I'd explain how it works. I send you the photos on Skype and we do one photo at a time. Firstly, you describe what you see in the picture and afterwards, I make corrections and teach you new vocabulary and phrases. I use the Skype chat box for all new words, phrases and corrections.

How would you describe the photo above?

Some relevant vocabulary for this photo:

Scorching (adjective) very hot e.g. it's a scorching day. 

Sunbathe (verb) to sit or lie in the sun, especially when you want to suntan.

Parasol (noun) a light umbrella used for the sun.

Bikini (noun) a sort of swimsuit worn by women.

Swimming trunks (noun) swimwear worn by men.

To catch some sun/ to catch some rays (idiom) to get some sunshine or to sun tan e.g. I want to catch some sun today so I'm going to the park.

Let me know if you have any questions,

Best wishes,