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From language lessons like Japanese and French to instruction in music, art and various hobbies we offer a multitude of unique and engaging lessons.

Kids Piano 基礎からしっかり初級編!ピアノ個人レッスン by 伊藤康博(パパさんpianist)

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Hair & Makeup ベーシックメイク by TAKE

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Vocal music Voice Lesson ! 〜 Classical Style〜 by Saya

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Violin Violin lessons - standard by Luka

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Workout Fun Fitness. by Tomoki Fitness

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Origami Let's Enjoy "Origami” by Yasuyuki Otsuka

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Flute Flute Lesson by Satomin

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Songwriting Songwriting by Masa Ash

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Ocarina Let's enjoy Ocarina by Satomin

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Shogi Shogi for First Timers by manabu

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Guitar 60 min Guitar Lesson by Dr.Music

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Japanese Custom Lesson by Kayo I

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Chess Chess for First Timers by ChessCoach S,U

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Hula Dancing Hula Dance♪ Private Lesson by Tina Fujiwara

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Calligraphy Practical Penmanship Course by Emi H

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Yoga & Meditation Yoga for Beginners by tenshiyoga mayumi

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Piano 上級者向け ピアノ個人レッスン by 伊藤康博(パパさんpianist)

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Drawing & Painting Training courses on how to draw human anatomy from your mind. by Riccardo

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Clarinet 初めてのクラリネット by Seiyu Takizawa

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Music for kids 2歳児から対応・楽器不要!絶対音感トレーニングコース by 伊藤康博(パパさんpianist)

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