How to use Skype

Skype is a must-have item for Cafetalk lessons!

What is a Skype Name?

You will need to download Skype before you create an account with us. You will have chosen a Skype Name which you will need when you register with Cafetalk. Please be sure to register your Skype Name (which is unique) and NOT your Skype Display Name (which might be the same as many other Skype users). For example, Cafetalk’s unique Skype Name is, but our Display Name is cafetalk.
Please be very careful, because your tutors will not be able to correctly connect with you unless you supply your unique Skype Name identifier.

Skype download for iPhone Skype download for Android

Can I Take Lessons with iPhone or Smartphone?

If you already downloaded Skype for iPhone, or Skype for Android, you can use any of them for Skype.

Tips on Taking Lessons with Skype for iPhone or smartphone

3G connection and taking lesson while moving are not recommended. We recommend you take a lesson with wi-fi connection and in one location. Lessons with tutors in Japan are also recommended for better connections.


You can not log in with Rakuten Kaiin ID on Cafetalk mobile site. Please log in using your email address and password on Cafetalk PC website.

Instant Message? What is IM??

With Skype for iPhone, you can instant message your Skype friends for free*, just like on your computer. Please test this Instant Messages feature prior to your lesson. Instant messages feature is very useful during the lesson.

To send an instant message to your Skype contact:

  1. Tap People > Skype Contacts.
  2. Select a contact to view their profile, then tap IM.
  3. Type your message into the text box.
  4. Tap Send.

Your chat history and received messages are stored in the Recent tab. If you don’t have the chat window open and someone sends you an instant message, you can find the message in the Recent tab.

How to Record Skype Calls

You can record your Skype call during your lesson and replay it later for your personal practice. Here are some apprications for it.

Recording in iPhone and iPad

Download a application from App Store.

  • QuickVoice – Easy start for recording and no limit for recording time (iPhone/iPad)
  • Audio Memos Free – Good sound quality of recording (iPhone/iPad)

iPhone, iPad can record only sound. (June, 2012)


No permission for recording might cause some trouble. Please make sure you get your tutor’s permission for recording before the lesson.

QuickVoice Audio Memos Free

*The information on this page includes links to external websites. Students are responsible for their installation and use of those applications. Cafetalk assumes no responsibility for any disadvantages or troubles brought to students or third parties through their installation and use of those applications.