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English Language - Let's Identify Your Exact Learning Needs!

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tutor_image Andrew Cropper
English Grammar Vocabulary Speaking

Have you ever wondered what it is exactly that you would like to improve upon, but are not exactly sure? Grammar, vocab, speaking or listening skills?! Well, let me take you through an assessment to identify exactly what it is you need - and why!

During this lesson, we will assess your attainment level of the four main function areas and make an agreement on your grading for example, intermediate, higher intermediate, lower advanced etc. 

We will then drill down in to each area to identify which function has the most importance to your requirement and why, before moving on to identify actual specific needs. 

The aim is to develop a learning and development plan, which can organically develop, with flexibility to address any specific needs.

This lesson is ideally aimed at intermediate to advanced learners.

Receive full feedback on the lesson upon completion, which I shall forward to you, via Skype or Cafetalk websites.
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