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Japanese Vocab Builder for Intermediate Students

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Japanese Idioms Vocabulary

(For Intermediate Learners) ひげをそる、かみをとかす、 はをみがく、、、can you use the correct verb for each noun? You can expand your vocabulary by remembering the words as "Pairs"!

Please think of the word 「電話」

、、、、the expression that first pops up in your head might be 「電話をかける」, but there are a lot of other words you can use with 「電話」.

For example:


These are also frequently used.

If you remember these "word pairs" one by one, you will be able to express yourself more naturally in Japanese!!

In this lesson, you will be studying the word pairs with the materials that I picked out of a textbook called 「ペアで覚えるいろいろなことば」.

For example, here is one picture...

What words would you use for these actions?

If you are not sure....let's study together!

*You don't need to purchase a book for this lesson, but if you wish to, you can buy it from Amazonペアで覚えるいろいろなことば初・中級学習者のための連語の整理」


*This textbook has reading sections as well, but you will not study them in the 25-min lesson. If you buy a textbook and wish to do the reading sections and practice more conversation using word pairs, I recommend that you book 2 lessons back-to-back and make it into a 50-min lesson.


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