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Italian language - beginner level

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Italian Good for beginners Grammar Vocabulary

How to learn Italian in a easy and funny way.

During this course you will learn both basic Italian grammar and vocabulary. We will use a text book and an exercise book so you can learn also by yourself. If you prefer I can send you photocopies about grammar, vocabulary and exercises.

In every lesson you will learn how to speak and written in Italian doing different kind of exercises: listening, dictation, oral dialogs, exercises in which you have to complete sentences.  

The arguments will be:
- Alphabet and spelling
- Greetings, presentation and useful sentences
- Masculine, feminine, singular and plural names + house
- Determinate articles
- Indeterminate articles 
- Colours and adjectives to describe objects
- Number 0-60: what time is it?
- The verbs to be and to have 
- The present of regular verbs 
- The family 
- Possessive adjectives
- Adjectives to descrive people 
- Food and drinks 
- The present of irregular verbs
- Let's do shopping!
- How to write an email or a postcard in Italian
- The future 
- Booking (restaurant, hotel...)

Remember that the course is based on your skills so you can ask to me to do changes.   

Material: Flexible

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