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tutor_image Ishisone

Whether you are an international resident or a Japanese citizen, if you want to talk in Japanese, are having minor issues with Japanese, or if you have a specific lesson in mind, I will be glad to help you!

★Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns about learning Japanese!★


 ・I want to be able to speak about a variety of things in Japanese.

 ・How can I study to become more fluent in Japanese?

 ・I have a specific lesson in mind that I would like to take.

 ・I’d like to take a lesson, but my schedule doesn’t work for me...


  Any questions are welcome. Let’s talk about it and figure it out together!!


★Anyone from international residents and Japanese citizens are welcome★


  I have been working professionally for 17 years, have taught Japanese language
  training courses, and have been a Japanese volunteer for over 20 years.

  If you have any questions about Japanese grammar, etc., feel free to ask me!

  (But please spare me from online technical issues…)


 I look forward to hearing from you.


【 Cafetalk Translation / August 2021 】
Material didáctico: Negociable

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