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Business English Consultation

40 Mins P 1,500
tutor_image Shariff Antonio Hael
Career Advancement

Sharpen your Business English speaking skills, practice roleplay scenarios, job interview questions, and enhance your vocabulary, phrases, and idioms knowledge! Suitable for all professionals across all industries.

We can talk freely or decide on a topic before the class.
We can also use articles or essays to discuss.
Or we can use an English Conversation textbook. 
It's your choice.

I will write corrections and suggestions for other words while you speak so as not to interrupt the conversation flow.
I can also correct your pronunciation, sentence structure and grammar.

* Learn to speak fluently & spontaneously.
* Build your conversational skills with real-life dialogues.
* Great for intermediate and advanced level students.


- Introducing yourself and others.

- Expressing opinions, likes, and dislikes.

- Describing people, places, and things.

- Starting a conversation.

- Making dates and appointments.

- Expressing wants and needs.


- Making requests and offers.
- Expressing doubts and uncertainty.
- Talking about future events.
- Making a case or arguing a point.
- Narrating a story.
- Retelling a conversation.
- Electronic conversations.
Material: Flexible

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