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Intermediate Italian (B1-B2)

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Italian Grammar Vocabulary Speaking

Express your opinions, ideas and dreams... in Italian!

Perfect for those who:
★ are already familiar with everyday speech
★ have studied Italian in the past and would like to learn more
★ have already taken my course "Italian for beginners (from A1 to A2)" 

This course will give you the opportunity to express better your personal thoughts, aims and opinions. In other words you will be able to be yourself in Italian and let others understand who you are. I can't wait to get to know you! :)

Our main goals:

★ To describe experiences and talk about familiar topics
★ To express one's opinions and ambitions
★ To explain, justify and make suppositions
★ To write formal texts

 We will study together:
 Formal language
 Verbs conjugation (pluperfect, preterite, conditional, subjunctive)
☆ Combined and relative pronouns

Note: Let's choose together our materials! Do you already own an Italian textbook? Do you wish to study with a specific book? Maybe the one you used in your previous course? Let's decide together! The books I prefer for intermediate level are 
 Nuovo Espresso 3 and Nuovo Espresso 4. Or...

*Custom lessons available*
What does this mean?
My strong point is that I offer completely original lessons created by me, based on non-didactic texts, audio and video files, which I personally rearrange and correct, providing a set of excercises aimed at fixing the idiomatic and grammatical forms encountered during the lesson. It could be a blog post, a video tutorial, a song, a movie clip... literally anything! I make a ion based on my student's interests and needs but of course you can also make a request of a specific text or topic. It's a very fun and effective learning method so I suggest you try it asap! :)

Material: Flexible

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