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Beginner Korean Grammar (50 min)

50 Mins P 1,300 Trial 15 Mins P 200
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Annyeonghaseyo! Now that you’ve learned Hangul, it’s time to study beginner level grammar. I will provide detailed explanations in Japanese.

This is a lesson on basic Korean grammar. 
Korean grammar is very similar to Japanese grammar, so it’s an easy language for Japanese speakers to pick up.

We will use a textbook that has sample sentences in dialogues and learn about the Korean culture and mindset while chatting in Korean.

For: People who have learned Hangul and are ready to study grammar

Required material: 
If you already own a Korean textbook, please send me image files beforehand so I can prepare the lesson (I recommend dialogue based materials)
●If you don’t have a textbook yet, I recommend Ganada Korean Language Institute’s textbooks (available on Amazon). 

I will provide the materials for the first lesson.

Translation: 5/2015 - The Cafetalk Team
Communication/explanations will be in Japanese and Korean only.

Material: Flexible

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