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What's on your mind? 悩み相談室

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tutor_image Jenny
Life Advice

Counselling in English / Japanese 日本語・英語でカウンセリング

Tell me what's bothering you. I'm here to listen! Sometimes you can understand and deal with problems better just by hearing them out loud. 

Whether you have some light worries that you just want to talk about or are struggling with something a little more serious, please feel free to use this lesson to feel better!

I have a degree in psychology (focused on abnormal psychology) in addition to English and Asian Studies. 

I've had experience (including some personal experience) dealing with mental health issues, including:
- Grief
- Depression,
- Anxiety,
- Victim Recovery,
- Addiction,
- Panic Attacks,
- Fear and Phobias,
- Abandonment or Co-dependence,
- Eating Disorders or Emotional Eating,
- Narcissism and Victims of NPD,
- Culture Shock
- Cognitive Affectors (ADHD, intellectual disabilities, dyslexia or austism)
- Clinical Mental Illness

Or if you just want to vent!

You can receive counseling in either English or Japanese (or both). Why not kill two birds with one stone and study another language while receiving counseling?

And of course, this is confidential!

**In severe cases, medical attention may be necessary. I will help you find that kind of care! I am not a liscenced practitioner. These lessons can also be used as a supplement to aid or speed up your recovery!**

***If you're feeling like you want to hurt yourself, someone else, or someone else's property, please call a suicide hotline / your local emergency services. *** 

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