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Learn Japanese from News Articles (45min)

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tutor_image Haruhi
Japonés Idiomas Gramática Lectura Vocabulario

Learn some challenging grammar topics from news articles, editorials, columns and magazine articles.

Learn Japanese by reading Japanese news articles.

At the same time, we can learn some current topics, incidents, and controversial topics in Japan.

Let me know the area of news topics that you are interested in learning.
  ※ You are welcome to choose from any news media, web articles, and others.
  ※ If you cannot decide, I can give you suggestions, so let me know.

Lesson Content
・If you find any words that you are not familiar with, let me know.
・Let’s try deciphering sentences with complex grammar usage.
・After reading the article together, we will discuss the news.

I will provide you feedback after the lesson, so please use it for your review.

【 Cafetalk Translation / January 2020 】
Material didáctico: Negociable

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