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Japanese lesson 60min

60 Mins P 2,000
tutor_image Noriko
Японский Для детей Подготовка к экзамену JLPT Устная речь

All levels welcome, from beginner to fluent speakers. All combinations of my lessons are also welcome.

My Japanese lesson uses many materials, such as "Minna no nihongo" "NHK news"  etc. dependant on the level of the student and what the students needs are.

If you are an absolute beginnner, I can teach you starting with Hiragana, Katakana (Japanese letters) and Kanji (Chinese characters) and some basic conversations, explaining in English if required.

If you are taking exams like JPLT, I can provide exam preparation lessons.

I specialise and have vast experience in online teaching and have a varity of conversational materials. 

Looking forward to seeing you in my lesson soon.

Material: Flexible

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