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Finance and Investment

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Investment & Finance

English discussion about financial markets and investments in financial securities and trading strategies

Finance is my passion! I hold MBA degree in Finance from American university. I also earned bachelor’s degree in International Economics. This course is suited to those who want to enrich their finance vocabulary and get familiar with performing financial analysis in English language. I manage my own portfolio of US stocks, ETFs and FX. This course will include the following:

- Analyzing world financial markets; financial securities, such as equity and bonds and Forex

- Discuss different strategies used for trading equities and FX

- How to deal with Risk and Volatility

-Passive vs. Active Trading

-Analyzing websites and current financial news

- Free discussion about true stories in the world of finance

-Discuss fundamental and technical analysis

-Analyze company’s performance and financial statements

-Adapting Principle of Kaizen

-How to build profitable portfolio

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