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Business Japanese 45min

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Learn Japanese used in Business scenes. This lesson focuses on business conversations using the textbook, “Roleplay de Manabu Business Nihongo” (ロールプレイで学ぶビジネス日本語).

This lesson is for those students who are:

・currently working or willing to work for the companies in Japan.
・currently working or willing to work in the oversea branch of a Japanese company.

Practice your business Japanese through the roleplay.

We will use the textbook, “Roleplay de Manabu Business Nihongo” (ロールプレイで学ぶビジネス日本語) in this lesson.

You do not have to have this textbook in the trial lesson.
However, form your second time, you should have it in your hand.
Please consult with me if you have any difficulty preparing this textbook.

【 Cafetalk Translation / February 2020 】
Material didáctico: Negociable

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