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Корейский Подходит для новичков Общая дискуссия

Practice the conversation!

From the greetings and conversations, I will prepare the study material which best fits you. Or we could use the textbook 「できる韓国語」too. If you have any textbook that you favor, send me a photo of that so that we can use it in our lesson.

We could do a free conversation too! We can pick from these three topics to talk about during the free conversation lesson: 

  • decide on a topic and have a quick discussion over it.

  • Look at a picture and describe what is on it (best for the free conversation practice).

  • Answer the questions I ask you (Recommendable for the lower-intermediate level).

I can prepare materials and conversation topics, but if you want to provide any, I am more than welcome to use them during our lesson! Let's have some fun talking. :)

Cafetalk Translation August 2018

Material: Flexible

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