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英訳100文字 ~ Translation J --> E

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English Translation

日本語から英語に!Translate Japanese into English!

I will translate up to 100 Japanese characters into English.

Please contact me if you have more than 100 characters you'd like translated before officially requesting a lesson. Please let me know about the file type, contents, and requested deadline. Big projects are welcome!

A time estimate will be given when the lesson is confirmed, but generally, your 500 character or less document will be completed within 24 hours! Please send .doc, .txt., .xls (or similar files) only.
だいたい24時間以内にできますが、レッスンの確認の時に確認致します。(.doc, .xls, .txt系ファイル)

All information is confidential!

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.

Material: Other (生徒さんの原稿)

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