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Ugly Betty! アグリー・ベティ!

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大人気ドラマ Ugly Betty のスクリプトを読みながら、映像をみてもっと面白くてもっとエンジョイしましょう!英語のニュアンスがたくさん... が!どんどん理解して自分の英語力が自然にスキルアップ!

Do you like Ugly Betty? Would you like to enjoy it even more?

It's ok if you don't own the series or have never seen it, but the lessons will be more effective if you watch beforehand.

Great for lower-intermediate and up!

We will read the script and talk about it. Sometimes we will watch videos and have discussions.

Great for studying reading, speaking, listening, natural speaking, vocabulary, puns, sentence construction, etc. in a fun way!

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