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Combo 50: *レビュー少し*

50 Mins P 2,000
tutor_image Colin コリン
English Bootcamp Listening Speaking

speaking ・discussion・answering questions

1. 英会話 - How was your week?

any two (2) of the
following to complete your lesson:

- please inform me when making a lesson request
of which two you would like for your lesson material
- if you don't indicate which of the following you would 
like for your lesson, then I'll choose the lesson material. 

2. jisho 旅行 - Dictionary Travel

名詞&動詞 - Picture Description

4. Let's talk about... -
Various Topics

5. Armchair Traveller - Reading & Shadowing

6. NHK World -Reading & Discussion
Choose an article for reading and discussion.

7. NHK Easy ニュース - Summary & Discussion
Simply choose an article
(just before your lesson start time)
from the following link and summarize it into English.


Material: Original Material

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