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Easy Chinese - Basics

25 Mins P 4,000 Trial 20 Mins P 200
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Chinese Good for beginners Pronunciation Listening

Before your short trip to China, become able to listen and speak some must know phrases in Chinese.

Both lessons of Easy Chinese (Basics and Slow but Steadily) cover the same topics.

In the Basics, you are expected to review by yourself outside of the lesson time. During the lesson, we focus on pronunciation practice and listening, in order to familiarize yourself with Chinese conversation. This lesson is for students who have a basic knowledge in Chinese language and students who cannot spend much time on every content we will cover. 

In the Slow but Steadily, we go over the same contents multiple times. This lesson fits for students who have never learned Chinese before, and students who prefer spending time on every content we will cover. 


We will start with the pinyin practice in both Basics and Slow but Steadily lessons. You can take my trial lesson to decide which one is your better fit. 


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