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Hello everyone!



My name is Angie, I studied Pedagogy and at the end of my career I studied a Diploma in Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language. I started tutoring and then I tought Spanish for foreigners at a university for two years.


Now I want to teach Spanish online to be able to teach all of you even if you are in another country!


In the classes we will work writing, listening, reading, speaking and I will include topics on Mexican culture, because to learn a new language is to know a new culture.


 I like the classes to be fun so, I will include games, songs, stories, etc. as much as possible.


The classes will be in Spanish from the first session, however during the initial sessions I can give some explanations in Japanese or English.


I am a friendly and patient person, so do not worry if at first it is difficult, we will achieve it!



Let's work together!
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