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Yuri Ka

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Hi everyone! My name is Yuri.
I'm from Osaka, Japan. 
I look forward to help you study Japanese♪♪

I'm a certified Japanese teacher. I currently work in an office job at a Japanese company, so I know a lot about business manners and I can teach you about it, too.

I love to travel! ★★

This is Fushimi Inari Taisha in Kyoto.

I like learning more about famous tourist spots in Japan, too. 
I hold a certificate called "onsen somelier", so I can teach you about famous onsen (hot springs) in Japan, as well as the correct onsen manners.

I also love eating ramen♪♪

I can recommend you all my favorite ramen spots★

Let's talk and share our hobbies while studying Japanese!

My lessons are for you if you: 

★ Want to study some basic Japanese♪
★ Want to travel to Japan and know enough Japanese to get around♪

★ Want to know more about Japanese food and tourist spots♪
★ Want to know what's popular in Japan right now♪

★ Want to learn more about business manners♪
★ Want to study keigo♪

★ Want to work in Japan♪

★ Want to know how you can live in Japan

and more? Let's talk about it★
I'm looking forward to meet you in my lesson.

[Cafetalk Official Translation, April 2017]

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