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My name is Colin.

I live in Japan and teach business English at local Japanese manufacturing companies.

I enjoy hiking, cycling, playing online chess, reading novels and writing. I also like going out to sushi restaurants, playing table tennis and singing karaoke with my children, aged 12, 14 & 15.

My Lessons:

I'm confident you'll find my lessons interesting and challenging.

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Lesson Packs _____

[A]   5 Lessons x 15分       700P per lesson

[B]   5 Lessons x 25分    1,000P per lesson

[C]   5 Lessons x 50分    1,800P per lesson

Individual Lessons _____

[1] Words 15分

[2] Chat 15 15分

[3] Casual Chat 25分

[4] Ripley's Believe It or Not 25分

[5] Australian Slang 25分

[6] No WebCam Chat 25分

[7] Picture Description 25分

[8] Reading Fairy Tales 25分

[9] NHK Easy NewsWeb 25分

[10] Fabulously Famous 25分

[11] Breaking News Eng 25分

[12] Reading Out Loud 25 25分

[13] Sentence x Sentence 25分 

[14] Fake News Reporting 25分

[15] Kidz Red 小1年~3年 25分

[16] Kidz Blu 小3年~5年 25分

[17] TOEIC Part 4: L & C 25分 

[18] Mini Smorgasbord 25分

[19] ...

[20] 英検 Vocabulary 25分

[21] TOEIC Vocabulary 25分

Destination Japan Series_____

Aichi Prefecture 25分

Akita Prefecture 25分

Aomori Prefecture 25分

Chiba Prefecture 25分

English Problem Solving

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