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Whether you get nervous around non-Japanese teachers, want to study the basics properly, want to ask questions in Japanese, want explanations in Japanese, or are a complete beginner who just wants to have fun studying, let's enjoy learning English together! Please note that I do not use a web camera. Please also be aware that I may not be able to accept sudden requests that are too close to the reservation time. 

If you are a first time student, we will start with a level check that includes self introductions.

I also offer proofreading services in addition to my lessons. My husband is an American so I myself have had plenty of experience having my work checked by a native speaker. Please use this service to help improve your writing skills and business English.

【About Me】

After graduating from a high school in Osaka, I moved to America and got a bachelor's degree in business from four year colleges in Ohio and Michigan. Then I got an MBA from St. Louis University and after that I found a job in New York. In 1999 I returned to Japan and started a business with my brother. After that, in 2005 I managed an English school, in 2007 I moved to Atlanta, Georgia because I got married. Since July of 2011, we have been living in a Chicago suburb near my husband's school (he is currently getting his doctorate).

Cooking, gardening, walking around and discovering new foods, traveling, music, movies 

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