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Nice to meet you.
Are you good at tidying up?
Or are you bad at it?
The truth is, there’s is no right or wrong, there is no such thing as being good or bad at tidying up.
As long as you find a method that works for you, that’s all you need!

I was not satisfied with the way I had been doing things, and I learned all about clearing clutter from all the material I could get my hands on, from books to television specials.

The true answer lies within yourself.

Learning to tidy up requires you to change the way you think before you even begin to move things. I promise you we won’t start by throwing things away!

Now is the time to learn!

※These lessons are based on an American born life organizer’s ideas.

English Translation: 1/12/2014 - The Cafetalk Team 

Fashion Organization

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