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20 Mins P 500
tutor_image Francis Rodgers

If you are unsure which of my courses are right for you, or want to know more about me.

This time is completely open and can be used:

To get to know each other and the courses I provide.
To get feedback on any of the courses.
To review material we covered or new upcomming material.
To explore ideas you have, that would not normally be covered (or will be covered much later) in the course.
To recommend additional material or changes to the courses.

In general anywhere you would like to discuss elements of any of my courses or other ideas.

As this is one of the ways to get feedback, I generally will not make sense to provide feedback for these lessons (getting feedback on feedback). There are also no trials, and discounts or prizes do not apply or count toward these lessons.

Discounts & Prizes do not apply to this lesson.
Material: Flexible

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