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Science for Kids

45 Mins P 1,400
tutor_image Katrina
Primary School

Let's learn about the mysteries of science together!

Hello Kids! How much would you like to learn about the universe's mysteries? Would you like to perform experiments like making paper into soap? Or would you prefer learning about how a tiny seed becomes a mighty bonsai tree? In this lesson, "Science for Kids", we can explore what makes the Earth go round as well as designing our own experiment.

Have a look at our experiments:
1.  Paper Soap

During this experiment, a student and I made a solution and swiped a bit of the liquid on a piece of paper. We then labeled how many swipes each piece of paper had. When the paper dried, we used a bowl of water and started lathering the paper in our hands. Suddenly, the paper turned into soap!

2.  Baking Soda and Vinegar Balloons

In this experiment, we blew up balloons using only baking soda and vinegar. The student had to design an experiment and try to guess how much baking soda and vinegar is needed to blow up a balloon. This was a fun way to learn about chemical reactions and measurements!


Material: Flexible

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