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5 Lessons Package (for the price of 4)

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English Good for beginners Speaking General Discussion

30-minute conversation lesson.

Buy this package of 5 lessons for the same price as 4 individual lessons. This means you get one lesson free! You can take all 5 lessons in a row or spread them out over a 3 month period. Each lesson is 30 minutes long.

How it works:

When you buy this package you will schedule your first lesson.
Then I will send you 100%  off coupons for the remaining 4 lessons. Please use these coupons when scheduling the remaining lessons. The coupons will be valid for 3 months after purchase.

Please note that a refund is not possible once the first lesson has been completed.

Lesson Information:

In this lesson, we can talk about anything you like. 
Sometimes, I may encourage you to talk about a specific topic and send you a topic card similar to the one below:

Describe a beautiful place to visit in your country.

You should say:

  • where it is

  • how to get there

  • what there is to do when you are there

and explain why you recommend this place.

I have many topic cards similar to this one.

I will take the opportunity during the lesson to assess your English level and correct any mistakes that you make. 

I´m looking forward to meeting you!


Material: Flexible

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