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50 Mins P 1,500
tutor_image Susan Martin
English TED Talks

This lesson is aimed at your English comprehension - to deepen your understanding of spoken English. We can select a talk together or I can offer one for you to listen to, in preparation for your lesson.

This is an interesting and exciting lesson which can be very current and up-to-the-minute.
You will prepare for this lesson by being given a link to a TED-talk to watch before the lesson. During the lesson we will talk briefly at the beginning, discussing any comprehension problems you may have, or anything else necessary, before watching together with a transcript.
Afterwards we will discuss the major elements of the TED-talk and I will give feedback on comprehension and offer ideas for further practice.
In preparation for this lesson I need to know your approximate level of English and it would help if you could give me an idea of any interests you have - what your hobbies are, what you like doing in your spare time and what work you do.

Material: Flexible

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