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5 lessons package (for the price of 4) TED Talks

50 Mins P 9,200
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English Listening Speaking TED Talks

Learn English with TED talks videos or even using your favourite TV shows or YouTube!

Buy this package of 5 lessons for the same price as 4 individual lessons. This means you get one lesson free! You can take all 5 lessons in a row or spread them out over a 3 month period. Each lesson is 50 minutes long.

How it works:

When you buy this package you will schedule your first lesson.
Then I will send you 100%  off coupons for the remaining 4 lessons. Please use these coupons when scheduling the remaining lessons. The coupons will be valid for 3 months after purchase.

Please note that a refund is not possible once the first lesson has been completed.

Lesson Information:

Learn English using TED talks or your favourite TV programmes. All you have to do is tell me which TV show or video you're interested in (Sherlock, Friends, Ted talks (www.ted.com), You Tube etc.) and I will send you the script of a particular episode or talk. All you have to do is highlight the parts you don't understand before the lesson and send it back to me. During the lesson, I will start by explaining the words, idioms, jokes and phrases you don't understand and after we have done this I will encourage you to talk about the video.

This is an enjoyable lesson that will help you to learn a lot of new words and phrases as well as improving your speaking.

Please let me know if you have any questions,


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