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Let's talk in Japanese with me!

25 Mins P 800
tutor_image Machika
Japanese Pronunciation Listening General Discussion

Let's have a fun free conversation in Japanese☆ You can learn natural expressions and pronunciation from a native Japanese speaker.

To become better at Japanese the best thing you can do is use it and have a conversation in Japanese☆

In this lesson you can learn natural, conversational Japanese by talking to a Japanese native speaker. Any topic is okay!

I will make sure to fix your pronunciation and help you choose the right vocabulary. We can read a book together or talk about traveling. I will fix all of your bad habits when speaking Japanese and gently correct you as we talk.

Kids as well as adults, learners from all ages are very welcome to this lesson☆

*The price of this lesson will change depending on the season (summer/winter).

Cafetalk Translation - 10/2017

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