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記事ディスカッション Article Discussion

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English Listening Speaking General Discussion News/Current Affairs

Read, listen, think, discuss. このレッスンは、あなたの読書、語彙、リスニング、スピーキング、ディスカッションスキルを向上させるために設計されています。

This lesson is designed to improve your reading, vocabulary, listening, speaking and discussion skills. 

Before this lesson you will:

  • read a short news article

  • listen to an mp3 of the article (optional)

  • prepare discussion questions related to the topic

During the lesson we will:

  • discuss the article's main points (for comprehension)

  • discuss the topic with discussion questions

This activity is a wonderful way to practice three out of four macro-skills of English (listening, reading, speaking) while also developing vocabulary, pronunciation and grammar

When you sign up, the teacher will send materials and further instructions to complete the lesson.

This lesson includes a detailed review of our conversation in clear, concise and accurate English including: new vocabulary, article summary, and discussion summary.

Level: high-beginning to high-intermediate


Material: Other (web content)

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