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Yoga flow

50 Mins P 900
tutor_image Sukanti Bhave

Learn basic asanas, breathing exercises, and relaxation techniques that you can practise daily

I am Sukanti from India. I am a trained yoga teacher and an English teacher. The pracice of Yoga has been an important part of my life to maintain my physical health and a balanced state of mind. I am happy to share this with people around the world.

Yoga is an excellent practice to incorporate in our daily lives.We will start our class with some basic warm up exercises. After that we will practice asanas targeted for different parts of the body including arms, legs, neck,back and spine. The asanas will be in the following order

  1. Standing asanas 

  2. sitting asana

  3. lying on the abdomen

  4. lying on the back.

New asanas will be introduced to you in every class. We will start with basic asanas and move to more complex ones. We end the first class with simple breathing exercises. From the second class we start practising different pranayamas.
I will demonstrate every posture for you and then give you instructions and observe your practice.

The goal of yoga is not to over stretch but to practice postures within the capacity of our body. This is not an intensive class and will not make you tired. You will feel refreshed and energised with this practice. 

Beginners can join this course. It is perfectly customisable and we will practice postures for your specific needs. If you are taking medication for any major illness, diabetes, blood pressure, heart problems etc. it is not advisable to join this lesson.

The lesson will be conducted in English so basic understanding of the language will be needed. I have lived in different countries with non-English speakers so I can communicate with you even if your English is not perfect. 
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