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嘘話 - Write A Tall Tale

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tutor_image Colin コリン
English Grammar Writing Impromptu Composition

[100 単語ぐらい] Exaggeration is encouraged!

*Write a tall tale (in about 100 words)
starting with one of the following introductions:

1. Once upon a time, in a small village in Japan,
there lived a young boy named Taro. No one in
the village liked Taro -- not even his grandmother!
Every morning, Taru would ... ここから + [100 単語ぐらい]

2. Once upon a time, in a small village in Japan,
there lived a young girl named Tara. No one in
the village liked Tara -- not even her grandfather!
Every morning, Tara would... ここから + [100 単語ぐらい]

3. While riding my bicycle alongside a river
this morning, I looked behind me and saw a giant .?.
following me. ここから + [100 単語ぐらい]

4. Believe it or not, last night I had a dream about...
ここから + [100 単語ぐらい]

5. Did I ever tell you that I have magical powers?
Yes, I have the power to do incredible things such as...  
ここから + [100 単語ぐらい] 

*Let your imagination run wild -- なんでもいい~!

When you're finished writing your story, simply
send it to me via Cafetalk as a message.

* After makng your request,
you'll have 14 days to write something.

*New story introductions will be added &/or replaced regularly.
Material: Flexible

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