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ビジネス英語 25

25 Mins P 1,000
tutor_image Colin コリン
Career Advancement

Simple & Practical - Listen, repeat & discuss: "150 Most Frequently Used English Expressions in Business Conversation"

Listen, repeat & discuss! 
150 Common Business Patterns 

My Personal Business Experience:
Three (3) years working for an international oil company in its Operations Control Center. (本社で)
Four (4) years sales and marketing experience working for an industrial component manufacturing company.
Fifteen (15+) plus years teaching business English on company premises in Japan. (今~)
Lesson Aim: to increase your confidence
in doing business in English, exponentially!

Accent: neutral


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001 ~ありがとうございます。
Thank you for + (動名詞など)....
002 ~させていただきたいです。
I would like to + (動詞).... 
003 ~はどうですか?
How is  + (名詞)?
004 ~はいかがでしたか?
How was + (名詞)?
Can I + (名詞)?

オプションA: オプションCを最初の1~2分間行い、残り時間はオプションBで行う
プションB: カメラなしで音声のみ
オプションC: カメラと音声


Material: Flexible

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