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7つの文 25【*】

25 Mins P 700
tutor_image Colin コリン
English Good for beginners Grammar Vocabulary

[*] レッスン後のフィードバックなし vocabulary ・ word definition ・ grammar check

  • For this lesson, you will be sent two (2) dictionary pages containing many words from which to choose seven (7) words.

  • From your chosen seven (7) words, please write seven (7) sentences with a minimum word count of at least seven (7) words.

  • (777)

  • The sentences can be as simple or as complex as you like.

  • Also, the sentences must contain either an "I" (私) or a "my" (私の).

  • During your lesson time, I'll take a look at each sentence and check for any grammatical errors and to see if you used the word correctly.

  • Time permitting, we'll also work together in making a few of your sentences longer!

1. aback
> I was taken aback by strange sound. (x)
o I was taken aback by strange sounds. (o)
I was taken aback by a strange sound. (o)
Last night, I was taken aback by strange sounds while sleeping in a tent beside a crocodile infested river.

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