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日記: Q&A 25【*】

25 Mins P 800
tutor_image Colin コリン
English Business Grammar Speaking

[*] レッスン後のフィードバックなし (初 - 中 - 級上)

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For this lesson,
you will be shown two questions
(via a .pdf attachment) at a time.

Simply choose one question from the two
and answer it in as much detail as possible. 

- I will then ask you some follow up
questions in relation to your answer. 

オプションA: オプションCを最初の1~2分間行い、残り時間はオプションBで行う
プションB: カメラなしで音声のみ
オプションC: カメラと音声

Material: Flexible
This tutor is currently on leave or vacation.
Lesson requests can be made after Aug 23, 2018.

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