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質問 25

25 Mins P 800
tutor_image Colin コリン
English Good for beginners Grammar Writing

(初 - 中 - 級上)

Lesson Details:


For this lesson,
you will be shown two questions
(via a .pdf attachment) at a time.

Simply choose one question from the two
and answer it in as much detail as possible. 

- I will then ask you some follow up
questions in relation to your answer. 

Example questions:

What did you eat today?


What genre of music do you like?


Why do you think the sky is blue?


Did anything get you excited today?


What were you doing 10 years ago?


Chat Diary

オプションA: オプションCを最初の1~2分間行い、残り時間はオプションBで行う
プションB: カメラなしで音声のみ
オプションC: カメラと音声

Material: Flexible

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