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Combo 50

50 Mins P 2,000
tutor_image Colin コリン
English Bootcamp Listening Speaking

(Combo Course) lower-intermediate | intermediate | upper-intermediate

Improve your English exponentially!

For this lesson,
we'll be covering the following:

1. 英会話 - How was your week?

2. 写真を~ Picture Description. 
I'll upload (just before your lesson start time)
a few pics for you to describe.

3. Random 質問 
I'll upload (just before your lesson start time)
2 random questions for you to choose 1 to answer.

4. 辞書旅行
I'll upload 1 random dictionary page
(just before your lesson start time)
for you to choose a few words and then
for us to read, discuss and
ask/answer a few questions.

5. NHK Easy News
Please choose from one of the 5 latest articles
from the following link and summarize it into English.


6. Dogo News - reading | dictation
Please choose an article for reading and dictation.
(we'll probably only have time for the first paragraph)

Material: Original Material
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