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Proofreading & Recording Service

0 Mins P 1,000
tutor_image Fiona フィオナ
English Test Prep Writing Proofreading

Native-Speaker Check・Audio Recording・Proofreading・Up to 1,000 Words

Lesson Aim: 
To improve your writing skills with the assistance of a native speaker of English.

Additional Lesson Aims: 
* To practice writing in English outside of lesson times.
* To receive feedback in terms of grammar, vocabulary, structure and so on.
* To feel confident enough with a piece of writing for school/work so that it is ready for submission/review.
* To use previous feedback to continue to develop your writing skills. 

Length of Lesson: 
0 minutes / Offline

Skype Video: 
No Skype

Lesson communication will be conducted all in English, however tutor Fiona has some knowledge of Japanese language and culture. 

Key Skill and Language Areas:
Reading, Writing, Grammar

Diary Writing: Write a long entry in a journal or diary and receive feedback from me to help improve your writing skills. Topics can be provided upon request.

Test Preparation (IELTS, Eiken): I will send you a topic for a long composition. Please read the topic or question and write a response. It’s recommended that you do this in test conditions - so try not to rely on a dictionary! When you have finished, send it back to me and I will check it for you and give you some feedback. If you are studying for a particular test or level, please let me know and I will use materials aimed at this level.

Proofreading: Send me a document/essay of up to 1,000 words and I will provide you with error corrections and feedback as a native speaker of English. Documents received during office hours should be returned within 12 hours. I can also check or assist with Japanese>English translation.

Tutor Preparation:
* Provide services as required.

Student Preparation: 
* Let tutor Fiona know what services you are after;
* Attach any required documents and wait for a response.

Follow Up Notes:
* Any required proofreading will be attached to the lesson upon completion.


This lesson is ideal for students of all levels who require assistance with writing. Students can take this lesson as many times as they like. 

Material: Flexible

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