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Enjoy Kimono fashion

30 Mins P 2,200
tutor_image Miho J

Now I want to look much nicer in kimono.

When you go out in kimono, you probably catch everyone's attention. But you may not feel comfortable because of some problems you have with dressing.

"Ohashori is not tidy"
"Kimono get messy during a day"
"I learnt how to wear kimono but is my steps right?"
"I want to learn Otaiko but is it difficult?"
"It takes time to get dressed"
"Should I put towels to make my body nice and flat?"

Let's get the problems sorted!

Lesson will be deliverd either in English or in Japanese.

● If you are not able to wear kimono by yourself, please turn up "First Casual Kimono" first.
● If you want to go through every single step of dressing, one lesson may not be enough. I advise you to turn up 2 lessons (60mins). 

Items you need (Mandatory):
● Kimono
● Juban
● Obi (Hanhaba-Obi or Nagoya-Obi)
● 3~4 Koshihimo (Cords)
● 2 Clips

Items you need (Optional):
● Erishin
● Obiita
● Obiage(Mandatory for Otaiko-musubi)
● Obijime (Mandatory for Otaiko-musubi)
● Obimakura (Mandatory for Otaiko-musubi)
● Obidome 
● Towels
Material: Flexible

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